Our Interpreters are qualified in various fields of construction • Civil • Electrical • Machinery • Equipment • Communications • Electronics • Accounting • Legal • Medical • Pharmacy • IT • Computers • Environment • Technology etc.

Consecutive interpreting

The interpreter generally sits or stands beside the speaker, listening and taking notes when necessary. Speaker talks and pauses to allow the interpreter to translate in the target language for a portion or the entire speaker’s message. This system is ideal for simple translation in trade consulting, lectures, press conferences, presentation for new product, formal talks, short business meeting and tourism etc.

Simultaneous interpreting

The interpreter translates the message into the target language as quickly as he/she can formulate sentences. While the source language speaker continuously speaks, the interpreter, who is often sitting in a sound-proof booth, is receiving the speech through his/her headset and speaking into a microphone to transmit the target language to the recipient’s headset. Two interpreters are often required. This system is ideal for international conferences, seminars, symposia and workshops.

Field of Interpretation

  • General Private sector
  • Overseas Study related fields
  • Immigration related fields
  • Telecommunications related sectors
  • Construction · Machinery related fields
  • Legal · Accounting sector
  • Medical

Notes on Interpretation requests

  • Interpretation time refers from the time the translator arrives at location to the time that the service ceases (lunch included).
  • Meal times are excluded from the interpretation time.
  • Interpretation time is usually from 0900 until 1800.
  • Clients must cooperate to enable smooth interpretation by providing interpreters with the necessary information, at least seven days in advance.
  • Simultaneous interpretation equipment rental is separate from interpretation requests.

Interpreting price

  • The price depends on the interpretation target, personnel, expertise, services, time, place and location.
  • The interpreting prices outside the usual times for interpretation are as follows:

Between 1800-2300 and 0600-0900, an additional 25% of the regular interpreting price is included.
Between 2300-0600 in the next day, an additional 50% of the regular interpreting price is included.

  • If an interpreter is located in a place further than a 50km radius in relation to the desired location, travel expenses of A$50 is applied for each hour of travel.
  • If one rehearsal and pre-meeting are requested, the cost of A$150 per hour will be added.
  • If overseas interpretation is requested, an additional 30% of the regular interpreting price is included (in the currency of the country of interpretation). Living costs such as lodging, transportation and meals are to be provided by the client.
  • Recording and interpreting contents to be consulted in advance.
  • VAT not included.