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I have been living abroad for 28 years since leaving my home country. During this time, I have met many Korean immigrants and students coming in to live and study abroad. Naturally, I became interested in overseas studies and immigration. January 2000 witnessed the liberalisation of laws regarding overseas study and since then, an influx of several hundred thousand students have left to study abroad every year. Though there are many adverse consequences, we can no doubt be proud of the many Korean students who continue to study hard and succeed.

However, there are times when giving up halfway during your studies or graduating with subpar skills inevitably lead to a waste of time and money. Therefore, we have equipped our system with services for tutoring and immigration matters. I believe that supplementary education focussing on key areas can be of tremendous help to grades or improving skills.

I wish your studies and travels will be a worthwhile and successful investment through our valuable programs.

Thank you.

Corporate Identity


The apple has frequently appeared in mythology as a symbol of wisdom and youth. In China, it has been said that apples are presented on Christmas day to symbolise peace. We believe the apple tree of Spinoza represents our children – just as Spinoza glimpsed hope in his apple trees, we too dream for our children’s futures. Our CI features such an apple, reminiscent of that apple tree planted by Spinoza, which is also shaped as Australia.

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