Tutor Code of Conduct

This Code of Conduct outlines the standard of behaviour required of all tutors/contractors employed by PlantYourAPPLETREE.com (The Company).

1. All tutors must consistently, and without exception, behave in an appropriate manner suitable for the parents/caregivers and students with whom they are working.

2. Tutors must:

1. act as a role model for their students;
2. engage and interact with students during lessons to the best of their ability;
3. encourage and support students’ educational progress;
4. employ language and appropriate topics of conversation;
5. treat all stakeholders, including parents/caregivers, students, fellow tutors and teachers, with courtesy and respect;
6. understand and cater for any particular needs of their students; and
7. restrict all interactions to a professional relationship with any parent/caregiver, student or tutor.

3. Tutors must not:

1. employ physical contact with any stakeholder unless it is necessary;
2. interact with a student in a location devoid of any visual contact by other adults unless it is necessary;
3. maintain a social relationship with their students beyond lessons;
4. make sexually suggestive or racist comments and use inappropriate language to, or in the presence of, the student;
5. smoke, use or be under the influence of tobacco, alcohol or drugs in the presence of the student.

Safety and welfare
1. Tutors have a duty of care to their students. Tutors must maintain a protective environment for their students through appropriate measures in order to prevent harm by known hazards or other factors which may arise.

2. Tutors must:

1. confirm the safety of any equipment;
2. not tutor if they are unwell or suffer from a contagious illness. Accordingly, tutors must advise the parent/caregiver and PlantYourAPPLETREE.com if they cannot attend a session;
3. contact their student’s parent/caregiver and act accordingly if their student becomes unwell or is injured; and
4. understand emergency procedures for evacuation at the lesson location.

Professional behaviour with stakeholders
1. Tutors must treat all people with whom they have contact with courtesy and respect.
2. Tutors should work cooperatively with parents/caregivers in efforts to support the student’s education.

Suspected abuse
Tutors have a moral obligation to seek legal or general assistance from relevant education authorities as to whether they are obligated to report suspected abuse of children.

Conflict of interest
Situations wherein the personal or financial interests of tutors may or will conflict with their role as a PlantYourAPPLETREE.com tutor/contractor must be avoided. It is the responsibility of tutors to discuss and advise PlantYourAPPLETREE.com of any potential conflicts of interest.

Record keeping
Appropriate records of work must be lodged by tutors to assist with the regulatory work of PlantYourAPPLETREE.com. Tutors must also be aware that PlantYourAPPLETREE.com can request to view any records relevant to the tutor contract at any time.

Parents/caregivers/student behaviour
Tutors must be treated with respect and courtesy at all times by parents/caregivers, students and any other stakeholders. If a student’s behaviour is inappropriate, tutors should advise parents/caregivers accordingly. If such inappropriate behaviour persists or a parent/caregiver exhibits offensive behaviour, tutors should contact PlantYourAPPLETREE.com.

Additional payment or benefits for tutoring services associated with PlantYourAPPLETREE.com must not be sought or accepted by the tutor.

The privacy rights of students and parents/caregivers must be respected and preserved. Personal information obtained by tutors during their services must not be used or disclosed by tutors unless express, written permission has been granted by the student’s parent/caregiver or tutors are compelled to do so by law.

Compliance with the Code of Conduct
1. This Code of Conduct has been established to prioritise the safety and well-being of students, and to prevent any unethical behaviour.
2. If PlantYourAPPLETREE.com has been notified that a tutor has breached the Code of Conduct, an investigation may be undertaken to confirm such information. If a tutor will not participate in the investigation or PlantYourAPPLETREE.com is not satisfied with the findings of the investigation, the tutor’s contract may be suspended or terminated.

The PlantYourAPPLETREE.com Tutor Code of Conduct may be changed from time to time without notice. Changes and amendments will be displayed to tutors via our website. It is the responsibility of the tutor to ensure that they understand the latest version of this Code of Conduct.