PlantYourAPPLETREE.com translation program has been established to support the interpretation services domestic and overseas for areas including overseas study, immigration, information, communication, construction, machines, accounting, law, broadcasting and advertising.

We secure students who live and study abroad, university graduates as well as freelance professional interpreters and translators in Australia and the US. Furthermore, we employ local Australians or Americans for supervision duties as required.

PlantYourAPPLETREE.com emphasises human resources and prioritises customer satisfaction. We are always committed to providing high quality comprehensive translation and interpreting services.


Field of Translation

General Private sector

Driver’s license, resume, cover letter, family certificate, marriage certificate, personal correspondence, announcement, police (criminal) check, passport etc.

Overseas Study

Family register (proof of family relationship), graduation certificate, transcript, attendance certificate, essays, letters of recommendation, pledges, diplomas, awards, life records, health records, documents etc. All school affairs related documents. Financial guarantees, taxation proof, register certified copy, property tax certificate, bank statement, seal certificate, articles of association, contracts, corporation register certified copy, corporate seal proof, letter of attorney, audit reports, tax proof including any financial documents. 


Family immigration papers, experience certificate, certificate of employment, retirement certificates, business registration, contracts, license, qualification, various certification, authorization certificate, cover letter, hospital employment documents such as immigration papers. Decree, divorce decree, custody waiver, foreign court decision, parental rights such as parental consent and trial divorce papers, agreement and other documents.Corporate and individual invitations, residential certificates (seal replacement), Certificate of Naturalization, citizenship, seal proof, proof of identity, pathological certificates, death certificates, overseas resident registration card, birth certificate, tax facts certificate, visa documents, overseas Korean documents etc. 

Telecommunications related sectors

Computer and information technology, electronics, semiconductor industry, various IT software manual translation, RFID systems, various games, Tetra transmission, home network, LCD, semiconductor devices, and related instruments. 

Construction · Machinery related fields

Construction, architecture, civil engineering, roads, telecommunications, housing, environmental plants, high-speed rail, light rail, automotive, aviation, marine specifications and various manuals, specifications, specifications, business books, proposals, company profile, contracts, catalogues, specialty books.  

Legal · Accounting sectors

Patents, business, management, economics, finance, legal, company profile, business plans, contracts, proposals, articles of incorporation, company and product promotional materials, logistics audit report, memorandum, financial accounting, reporting and auditing materials, paper, business/economy related books, shares/securities related documentation and quality management manual including any trade related documents, TV advertising related fields.

 TV advertising related fields

Broadcasting, film, screenwriter, music, games, video subtitling, marketing, catalogues, brochures, leaflets, website, etc.