Translation service process


We offer a high quality translation service by systematically manage the entire process from order to delivery.


If you complete a translation quote request form on our website with the appropriate documents by email, fax, quick service or post, our Project Manager (PM) will send you an invoice.

Project orders

We obtain project information from the customer after completing a pledge of confidentiality.

Project Planning

Our PM selects projects and creates suitable translation project plans. Upon confirming an appropriate translator, we provide the translator’s profile to the customer. Translators review the original document and will dispatch a feedback questionnaire.

Translation work

Every project aims to align to the information provided by the customer as accurately as possible during translation. After correctly joining various terms and completing the translation, a comprehensive review process is conducted. In large projects, the initial translation work reflects customer feedback to the greatest possible extent to maintain the high quality of the project.

Editing work

Under agreement with the customer, layout formatting, graphics, scanning, DTP, production CDs are carried out.

Supervision duties

Upon completion of the translation and editing, a native speaker conducts supervision in accordance with the contract.


After submission, customer feedback regarding translation and analysis outcomes is received. Complementary services, including further modifications, can be provided.

Customer Care

By creating a customer specific project guide, future projects are ensured relevant information and consistency for all projects.


Translation Cost Calculation

The translation cost is determined by the number of words, number of characters and pages, languages,​ originality of content, difficulty, and the translation period.

Estimation Quote Request

In order to calculate a more accurate estimate, we request a quote including the following information:

  • The original translation file attached to an email.
  • The original translation file attached to translation quote request form.
  • If the original is a hard copy, we request submission by fax or a scanned document attached to both email and form.

Basic Price Calculation

We determine reasonable prices by considering numerous factors including, the number of words, characters and pages, language difficulty, the translation period, the type of document and working conditions.

Translation Ratio

Translation basic price x quantity x difficulty rate = total translation costs.

Higher difficulty rate will be applied for professional fields.

Translation request notes

  • A translation discount is applied when a large amount of work is ordered.
  • If a tight delivery time is imposed upon the translation work, an additional 30% of the initial translation cost will be included.
  • If the translation is to be completed by a native speaker, an additional 50% of the initial translation cost will be added.
  • If third party translations are reviewed by a native speaker, an additional 70% of the initial cost will be included.
  • Translation will proceed after confirmation of full payment. For larger projects, discussions and negotiations will be held.
  • If you need custom editing, editing cost will be added to the translation cost.
  • VAT not included.



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